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Dead Man's Hollow (Maisy Farley No. 2)

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The story begins where the trail went cold.

The second season of Maisy Farley’s true crime podcast takes her to Dead Man’s Hollow, an expansive conservation area just outside Pittsburgh, to investigate a cold case.

In 1994, a sixteen-year-old girl vanished from a party in the woods. Heather Ryan has never been found, and no suspect has ever been arrested.

As the thirtieth anniversary of the girl’s disappearance approaches, Maisy is determined to uncover the truth about what happened to her. The teenagers with Heather that night, now middle-aged parents, remain tight-lipped about the events in the hollow. When details emerge, they're dark, disturbing, and not entirely trustworthy. And someone will stop at nothing to keep the long-buried truth hidden.

Dead Man’s Hollow is the second book in the Maisy Farley series by USA Today bestselling author Melissa F. Miller.

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2 days ago

A Must read!

A 30 year old missing persons mystery and three sisters desperate to find answers. "Dead Man's Hollow", the second Maisy Farley book, is a riveting, fast-paced mystery full of unexpected twists. It was the perfect second podcast season story line for Maisy and Jordan. I thought I was able to anticipate what was going to happen next, only to be surprised as I continued reading. Once again, Miller's plot and incredible characters ensure that the reader is hooked from page one to the very end. In addition to the fan favorite, Maisy, the remaining cast of characters are well written and draw the reader into the story immediately. Once again, I find myself learning something new while being completely entertained by one of Miller's novels. "Dead Man's Hollow" is a must read for new and devoted Maisy fans alike.

suze j.

2 days ago


LOVE this series. Melissa reals you in and keeps you guessing until the end. A sister goes missing never to be found and then thirty years later, three sisters enlist Maisey Farley to find out what happened, using her podcast to get clues. Many twists and unexpected turns. OMG so good.

Bea W.

2 days ago

Well written. Easy reading. Can't put it down.

Well written. Couldn't put it down.

Linda Z.

2 days ago

Dead man’s Hollow

Found this to be an exciting read with suspense running through out. Rally enjoyed the twists and turns in this book. Great job!


2 days ago

Dead Man’s Hollow

How excited was I to receive the ARC of Maisy’s second book? Excited enough to drop the book I was reading so I could dive right in…. and I’m NEVER that excited. This was a one and a half session read for me…. started right before bedtime and picked it up as soon as i got up the next morning.

Dead Man’s Hollow follows Maisy and Jordanna as they create a new season of their podcast. The cold case is compelling and there are some really good twists throughout the book. No spoilers here, but as always, the strong, fearless and loyal female protagonists will win your hearts..

Dianne D.

2 days ago

Love this new series.

This is the second book in the Maisey Farley series. It had me riveted right from the start. Maisey and Jordana have really developed into a true podcast team. I really found the format easy to follow with the actual podcast in Italic text.
The story was believable and the characters interesting and well developed. Melissa even found a way to have Sasha, and Bodhi drop in since they are Maisey’s friends. The connection to Quebec City was intriguing along with the memory loss of one of the key characters. Melissa really does her research. There was reference to an NFL football routine tackle, I actually watched that game and the player almost died from a punch to the chest. The plot and supporting details all fit to make a great story which I could not put down. You will have to read this book to get more details of the characters and the plot. I am not going to spoil it for you by providing a summary. This book is certainly a winner.