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I write page-turning mystery, thriller, and suspense books with heart-pounding action and heartwarming characters. If that sounds like your jam, have a look around! You can find all of my ebooks as well as exclusive book bundles and other extra content. From time to time, I also offer discounts, signed physical editions, and other gifts and goodies just for readers who shop at my store.

By buying my books from me, you directly support my writing and make it possible for me to write even more. Buying from me also enables me to provide a higher level of customer support than I can when you buy through retailers. So it helps me, and it helps you!

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About Melissa

I'm the USA Today bestselling author of more than forty mystery, suspense, and thriller novels. I used to be a lawyer, but please don't hold that against me.

I write crime fiction for optimists—fast-paced, twisty books for readers who believe light drives out darkness, love is brave, and kind is strong. My goal is to write thoughtfully about serious (and sometimes dark) issues and themes without descending into grim pessimism, gratuitous violence, or pain. I think there's power in laughter, so I sprinkle lighter moments into even my most serious books.

I want you to feel hopeful, optimistic, smart, and capable when you read one of my books. Because you are.